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Windscreen repair is one of the procedures that is done to prolong the life of the glass. Deciding to repair the damage rather than replacing it saves a considerable amount of money and time, maintaining the integrity of the glass whilst guaranteeing the damage will not spread and become an issue over time. The common types of windscreen damage can include:

  • Linear cracks
  • Circular bullseyes
  • Dings
  • Crack chips
  • Pits
  • Combination breaks
  • Star-shaped breaks
Over the years, repair techniques and resin types have vastly improved, becoming more effective and sophisticated.
When a windscreen is damaged, only the outer layer of glass is broken. Modern windscreens are made with laminated glass which comprises of two layers held together by a PVB interlayer. Driving the car will be usually safe, unless the damage is severe. On the other hand, if the windscreen chip is not repaired, it may spread and get worse. It may happen while the car is driven or due to any vibration or when temperature changes occur. Once your windscreen is repaired, its full structural strength is restored and you will be able to drive the car immediately. When the cosmetic and optical appearance of the windscreen dramatically improved, it will appear like new.
The main cause of damages to windscreen is from stones on the roads. When a rock impacts glass it can chip and fracture the outer layer, causing it to crack. Not all impacts require attention: if a rock has impacted but not fractured the glass, this is referred to as a pit mark, and depending on the size it may be superficial. As the windscreen is made up of two layers, if something impacts the glass and damages the inner layer it is deemed unrepairable and require windscreen replacement.
The best way to determine whether a windscreen can be fixed is to have a highly trained technician assess the damage to determine if it meets the criteria for repair. They will look at four factors: type, depth, size, and location of the damage. They will also consider the following:

  • How will it look?
  • Does the damage impair the driver’s vision?
  • Will it maintain roadworthy standards?
  • Can the longevity of the repair be guaranteed?
As a general rule, if stone chip damage exceeds the size of a fifty cent coin it is deemed severe, and will generally be visible once fixed. In some cases, it may need replacing.
Before washing your car in a high-pressure car wash you should wait at least 24 hours, but waiting a few days is better. If they have not completely cured, the water sprayed on your car can wreck the glass seal and outer mouldings due to its high pressure. If you need to scrub, you can hand wash your car, as long you are careful and don’t use a high pressured hose on the glass that was recently replaced. Water is not an issue on the newly replaced windscreen, so don’t fret if there is forecast calls for a bit of downpour. In fact, a bit of moisture can help the adhesive cure faster.
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